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How do I choose the right window blinds?

There are many benefits to having Window Blinds

  • The right window coverings allow light in or block light as needed.
  • Blinds and window coverings help the interior temperature be more consistent and comfortable
  • Blinds allow privacy- nobody can see inside.
  • Some blinds allow most light through while still providing privacy.
  • Ease of use – You just press the switch or pull the cord to open and close the blind.
  • Protect against furniture are carpets fading in the Sun.
  • Allows open windows to let the air in, while still providing privacy.
  • Help keep insects out, though fly screen mesh is better for this.
  • Cleaning is often easy – vacuuming will remove most of the dust.
  • Budget – Blinds last for decades, so they are worth investing in, especially when ordering the blind online.
  • Block out all lights for sleeping, or for using a home theatre.

Some other considerations if you are inclined to choose window blinds for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or caravan:

  • The blind can be chosen to complement the wall colour or the colour scheme of your home.
  • You may go for a matching colour or opt for contrasting shades. For example, if the colour of the walls is dark, we recommend going for curtains that are lighter in shade.
  • There are exterior and interior blinds for homes.
  • Cover Functionality – Do you need to block all light, and let all light through at other times? Do you need privacy but still want some natural light? Choose a blind that allows these options. A translucent blind lets light in while giving you privacy, as will some light curtains.
  • Type of Window and Door – If you have large double sliding doors then you will find large verticle or honeycomb blinds that allow you to make use of the door space when needed. These blinds also work well for large windows.
  • There are many options in styles, choose the one that’s just right for your needs. Think about the level of privacy you desire. Go for the window blinds that look sharp and control the amount of light you want to come in.
  • If you have children, choose only child-safe blinds. (Some are not safe for kids). Also, consider the accessibility of the blinds. Go for motorised blinds if you want greater accessibility.

As the last point, window blinds can do their main function, but they can also do more! If you choose the appropriate blinds, the window blind can add more to the aesthetics of the space.

Different Types of Window Blinds

  • Vertical Blinds
  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds (vertical)
  • Roman Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Pleated Screen Blinds
  • Plantation Shutters (internal on external)
  • Exterior Window Blinds

With a range of window blinds, curtains and fly screen mesh options we are spoilt for choice, so it can be a little difficult to decide. It helps to consider all the practical and aesthetic factors.

Our products cover roller blindsvertical blindsdual roller blinds, and Venetian blinds. Whether it’s for sunlight protection, interior design purposes, or the privacy of your home, SK Screens & Blinds is here to assist you as your wants come true. Please call us now for a free quote.

Window Blinds

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