Window Blinds

Window Blinds,

Blinds are as old as windows. But modern blinds offer far more options than window coverings of the past.

Roller blinds are a classic way to cover windows. They can provide privacy and block light when needed, and then be retracted above the window when not needed. Best of all they can be made from fabric on vinyl of any colour, suiting any decor. They can even be produced with photorealistic designs.

Dual Roller Blinds give more options than traditional roller binds. A layer of coth next to the glass window allows light through while still maintaining privacy. The second blind layer can be used to block outside light.

Fly Screens Sydney,

Fly screens perform a simple function, but they perform it effectively. They keep out insects without greatly effecting the air or light.

Modern flyscreens are designed to be used during the insect season only. For the rest of the year they can be stored out of sight. Insect screens can be magnetically attached to a metal window frame, and then rolled away for storage. Or they can be designed to roll away into a cassette hosing above the window frame.

Blinds Online

The internet provides so much information about products that it is no long necessary to physical see products before purchase. Browse our range and find the blinds or screens that suit your home.

As long as you have the dimensions of your home’s windows we can provide the best options for blinds and screens.

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