Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Pros and Cons About Retractable Fly Screens

A retractable fly screen is exactly what the name says. When closed it covers the window with a light mesh that keeps insects out. This is ideal for some seasons where insects are a problem. When the screen is closed, it is retracted into an overhead cassette, rather like a retractable blind. Or it folds up into pleats, a little like a Venetian blind.

Benefits of Retractable Fly Screens

  • Like all fly screens, they keep insects out.
  • The retractable screens take up very little space.
  • Ideal for tricky spaces like French doors and bifold.
  • When they cover large open doors they still allow people to pass through.
  • They cover a wide area without cross-section frames or obstructions.
  • Easy to vacuum clean with a brush attachment.

Disadvantages of Retractable Screens

  • Unlike heavy mesh, the retractable screen will not protect against burglars.
  • We have to make sure the retractable fly screens do not interfere with any retractable blinds.

Retractable fly screens lend themselves to large open doors and windows, especially when they lead to the outside. So they cater to the exterior style of architecture, where the large doors can be opened to connect the inside space to the outside living area. At the same time, retractable blinds and screens are a fine option for small windows in bedrooms and kitchens.

Retractable fly screens are ideal for all types of windows. Keep insects out while allowing light in when needed. SK Screens&Blinds can help you with finding the right one. We provide fly Screen service Sydney-wide, so give us a call at 0430 229 507 today!

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