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UV Light, Insects and Intruders

Window Blinds and other Window Treatments

We can add many things to windows for the sake of functionality, and for decor. No one window embellishment does everything, but there will be a combination of additions that will provide whatever we need.

Fly Screen Mesh

A fly screen frame on a window will keep insects out, even when the window is open. This can be very useful in summer. We can let the breeze in, circulating the air, to keep things cool, yet the fly screen mesh will still keep insects outside.

Modern fly screen frames are much tougher than older fly screen mesh. This heavy construction will also keep intruders from breaking in.

UV film

Ultra Violet light (UV) is the energy from the Sun that causes sunburn on the skin. This same energy will cause fading of the paint and fabrics of furniture and building materials. By putting up UV proof film on window glass we remove 99.9% of UV light, so fabrics and paint inside the home are protected from sun damage.

Home Window Blinds

Window blinds can block light during the daytime, and provide privacy day and night. Solid window blinds can also provide fairly good UV protection, prevent interior damage, and help to keep inside temperatures stable. While simple to use, blinds are very useful.

There are various types of window blinds, including Venetian and roller blinds. So there is always a functional option to suit any room decor.

Window Blinds

Add blinds to any room and enjoy the benefits – privacy, shade, and better-looking windows that suit the home decor.



Blind Online

Installing the Blinds Online

Why use a Blind Online

There may be no absolutely perfect way to deal with summer heat and sunshine coming through the windows, but good window blinds can come quite close. External blinds or awnings are quite good at blocking the sunshine and reducing the heat. Or we might use internal blinds, which are adjustable to allow a fair degree of control.

Internal blinds can be closed to block out sunlight and provide a layer of insulating air between the window glass and the interior room. This keeps interior temperatures more stable -cooler in Summer and a little warmer in winter. And of course, a closed blind allows privacy.

Choosing a Blind Online

Blinds are a good DIY project. If we order a blind online in the correct size we can usually install it in the space of an afternoon.

First, find the blind online that functions in the way you require. Different styles of blinds offer some slightly different options. Venetian blinds will allow privacy while letting light in, though they are a little awkward to clean. Roller blinds are simple and effective but have an ‘open-and-shut’ function. Translucent blinds allow privacy while still letting light through. There is no right answer here, it’s a matter of personal preference. Consider combining blinds with a light curtain for more options.

Second, blinds should look good in the room, complementing the decor. This is another matter of personal preference. But the elements of the room need to fit together if the room is to look appealing. So order the blind online that works for the room, or perhaps change the room decor to suit the blind.

Next, decide if the blinds are to fit inside the window frame, or outside the frame. If the blind is within the window frame it will be not intrusive very much into the room. And it should block most of the light if it is a good fit. A blind mounted outside the frame will block lighter, and allow a small margin for error in size, is designed to overlap the internal edges of the window frame by a small amount. But make sure they do not extend past the external edges of the frame. This type of blind mounted outside the window frame will take up a small amount of space in the room, but this is rarely an issue.

Blind Online

Window blinds are practical, and the right design can complement the room decor. Order a blind online for an inexpensive yet satisfying result.

Blind Online Window Blinds

Cordless Blind Online

Cordless Venetian Blind Online

Many older blinds could be retracted with a cord. In the case of Venetian blinds, there were several cords for several functions. In addition to retraction, there was a second cord to tilt the slats, and a third to release the blinds after they were retracted.

But some people prefer cordless blinds. There are some advantages here, such as safety. Serious accidents can occur if a child gets caught in the cord. Cords can also get tangled from misuse. Some people just think cords are rather unsightly, or old-fashioned. For this reason, we might prefer cordless blinds.

Cordless blinds can be used for solar shades, light filtering shades, blackout shades, or many types of blinds. Roller blinds are already cordless. But other blinds can be made cordless by the use of other means of control.

Some blinds work by a small electric motor. This is very neat, with the control mechanism either built into the wall or supplied as a remote control. The electricity used by these is very minimal. And because they are simple they tend to last for many years.

Another alternative is to use a small rod to control the blind. This is rotated to retract or lower the blind.

Venetian Blind Online – No cord.

There are Venetian blinds built with no visible controls. Instead, the window blind is raised simply by lifting the bottom rail. And then lowered again by lowering the rail. Slats are tiled in the same manner; tilt one slat and they all follow.

Venetian Blind

A popular and versatile blind, different Venetian blinds can be controlled with a cord, a motor, or by hand. Order your blind online.

Window Blinds blind online

Best Window Blinds

Considering the Best place for Window Blinds

Every room in the house is a little different, with the windows and doors in a different places. Sometimes there can be a problem, perhaps there is not enough light coming in, or there is a lack of privacy. More often we just need to find the right blind for that particular window in that particular room in order to make the situation work. If we identify any problems it is usually not too difficult to find a blind that is appropriate.

Types of Window Blinds and Considerations

Privacy Blinds – Nobody really likes the neighbours looking into our room. The neighbours probably don’t want to see in either. But this problem is not difficult to solve. Any set of blinds will provide privacy.

Perhaps we want privacy but still use natural light. There are a few options here. We might try translucent blinds, which let almost all the sunlight inside while preventing anybody from seeing in. Translucent blinds only reveal a vague shadow.

Vision Window Blinds also provide privacy while giving you the option for more sunlight. These consist of alternating layers of material, opaque and translucent. They can be adjusted to block all or part of the light. And they have the added advantage of reducing glare even when letting sunlight through.

Double Roller Window Blinds – Sometimes we want the option to alternate between privacy with external sunlight, and completely blocking all the sunlight. Double blinds have two layers. The layer next to the window is translucent, like a vision blind. It lets light in while providing privacy. The second blind layer blocks all the light.

We might want to block all the external light in order to watch TV, or if we need to sleep during the day. Double blinds conveniently give us the option.

Venetian Window Blinds – A classic yet versatile option, these have a series of horizontal slats that can be tilted to provide partial light, or retracted entirely for a fully open window. It is a simple matter to tilt the slats upward to provide reasonable light while still keeping the room private.

Window Blinds

Blinds are versatile, functional, and complement the decor. Find the right blind for each room of the house. Order a blind online.

Window Blinds

Venetian Window Blinds

Venetian Window Blinds

Venetian Blinds have been around for well over a century, but they remain popular because they are such a clever design. They offer privacy and complete blockage of the outside light when closed. Or allow as much light in as you see fit. They are also low maintenance and moderately priced.

Modern Venetian blinds come in various colour, being built from various materials including timber, thin metal and PVC. So there are many options for any room decor.

Considerations for Venetian Window Blinds

Slat Size – A large window with Venetians tends to look better with larger slats. If we use small slats the window looks over detailed and crowded. Likewise, a small window will look better with smaller slats, as a small number of large slats may look overwhelming.

Cords or tapes – The slats of the Venetian window blinds will be held in place, and controlled, by cords and tapes (a flat ribbon) . Tapes have some small advantages in blocking more external light, and they can be a different colour to the slats, providing some more decor options. Otherwise, the choice is a matter of preference.

Material – Aluminium is good if the blinds are in a damp environment, such as a bathroom or near kitchen sink or stove. And aluminium slats look neat and modern. Timber slats look and feel very organic, but it is not good with moisture. PVC is good with moisture and colourful.

Measuring and Ordering Venetian Window Blinds

We have two basic options for mounting Venetian blinds. They can be slightly smaller and fit inside the window frame. Or they can be larger and be mounted outside the window frame. Mounting inside the window frame takes up less room, and will remain flush with the wall. Mounting outside the frame will help block more light.

We must measure the window carefully when ordering blinds. If we install the blinds inside the frame the measurement, especially side to side must be exactly right. If it is too wide the blinds will get stuck.

If we mount the blinds outside the window frame then we should have a 7 cm overlap on each side of the blind.

Looking for Window Blinds in Sydney?

Window blinds are functional and can complement the room decor. Consider Venetian blinds for your home or office.
SK Screens & Blinds can have free measures and quotes for your needs. Get in touch with our friendly team today!

Window Blinds Fly Screen Mesh

Safety and Window Blinds

Window Blinds

We might consider window blinds for many reasons. They are functional, good for heat insulation, and if we choose the right design they complement the decor. We should also remember to choose blinds that are safe for children.

Window Blinds Functionality

  • Block light, or allow it in as needed
  • Provide privacy when needed.
  • They can allow air to circulate through an open window, still block light and provide privacy.
  • They can keep the heat down in Summer by blocking infrared light.
  • They provide some insulation against a closed window, keeping the room temperature stable. This saves on heating/cooling costs.
  • Blinds block UV light, to prevent sunburn or fading of furniture inside.

Window Blinds Decor

  • Venetian blinds can come in many colours, with many to suit any decor.
  • Blinds can be combined with curtains, so the curtains provide the outer appearance.
  • Timber blinds suit old-school decor. They can be rustic or classic wood.
  • Metal Venetian blinds in light colours suit modern decors or any functional ‘office style’ room.


Window Blinds and Safety

Some blinds used in the past were a safety risk, at least for children. Some blinds were controlled by a cord. There was a small risk that a child might get caught in this cord and choke. Alternative means of controlling the blind are far less risky.

Blinds can be controlled by rotating a small rod (also called a wand). Or they can be remote controlled. Another alternative is a light chain that breaks under slight pressure. Often, especially if the window is high on the wall, it is enough to keep the cord well out of reach of the children.

Window Blinds

Modern window blinds provide privacy and block light. They also help keep indoor temperatures stable. Find a style of blind that suits your decor taste.




Window Blinds Fly Screen Mesh

Window Blinds, Screens and Ideas

What to do with Window Blinds

Windows are rarely left bare. Almost every window covers the glass with a curtain or blind. Quite often there will be fly screen mesh to keep insects out. And there are other ways to adorn windows. Some of these adornments will also apply to doorways, and a few places (like sliding glass entrances) are a combination of doors and windows.

Window Blinds

Blinds are such a simple yet useful idea. In all their variations a blind can be opened to let a window function as a window and let the light in. Or it can be closed to block the light and provide privacy.

Roller window blinds consist of a flat sheet of cloth or plastic that covers the window. This sheet can be retracted and rolled up at the top of the window frame. So the window can be covered, uncovered, or partially covered with a simple-to-operate roller blind.

Roller blinds, being so simple, can be made in a variety of colours and patterns. So there are a lot of opportunities to complement the decor with a matching style of window blind.

Venetian window blinds use a series of horizontal slats that can be tilted in order to open and close the blind. This has been a popular design for many generations, partly because the slats can be tilted upwards. This allows light in while still providing privacy.

Venetian blinds can be operated by cords, a rotating rod, or by an electric motor.

Fly Screen Mesh

Fly screen mesh is useful on windows that open to the outside. If we want to let the air circulate through the window but still keep insects out the mesh will make this easy. Fly screen mesh can be combined with a blind so that light can be kept out even as the window is open to the outside world.

Modern fly screen mesh can be made much stronger than older mesh. This means it will also keep potential burglars out, not just insects.

Window Blinds Sydney

Add to the home decor with functional window blinds. Block the sunlight or open the window to the outside world at your convenience.


Window Blinds

Modern Window Blinds Trends

What We Can Do With Window Blinds

If we are interested in buying blinds we are probably already familiar with the benefits they offer. Blinds are great because they can allow light inside or block light as required. This same ability allows privacy when needed, and can help keep the room when closed during winter.

But while basically, any blind can provide these benefits the fact that there are many different types of blind indicates that there is more to be understood. What additional benefits do different types of blinds offer?

Roman Window Blinds

These are clean and simple, and therefore popular with both minimalism decors, or decors that are trying to reduce the clutter. Roman window blinds consist of a layer of cloth that will neatly fold as it is withdrawn to the top of the window. This cloth layer can be semi-transparent to let diffused light through, or it can block the outside light entirely.

Being cloth the roman blinds can be any colour, so there are many decor options. Furthermore, semi-transparent roman window blinds can be paired with Venetian blinds, or heavy roman blinds can be paired with light-diffusing curtains, to give different light blocking combinations.

Plantation Shutters And Window Blinds

Many shutters fit the exterior of the window. These can be combined with interior blinds to good effect. The shutters are for heavy-duty weather conditions. The internal blinds can be for privacy and to allow some light in when required.

Interior plantation shutters are a good option for large windows and double doorways. Light curtains can be fixed to these shutters.

Looking for Blinds Online?

Window Blinds are a great option for many homes. Often the blinds can be ordered inexpensively online. Find the blind option that suits your decor at SK Screens and Blinds.

Fly screen frame window blinds fly screen mesh retractable fly screens pleated screen Sydney.

Sliding Doors and Fly Screen Mesh

Sliding doors are often ideal for the back of the home. If we want the home to open onto an outdoor veranda or patio a sliding door allows both plenty of walk space and plenty of outdoor light. We will probably want to add a fly screen frame to these sliding doors for use during the summer, to keep insects out. Retractable fly screens like pleated screens or mesh that rolls up like a blind may be a good option here. But we need to make sure the space can be kept clean when required.

Fitting Sliding Doors and Retractable Fly Screens

Some sliding doors are fitted to the same frame left from the presious sliding or stacking door. Some can be fitted to the space where there was a large window that extended from the floor to the ceiling. More often the wall must be partially removed when we intall large sliding doors, with a track and frame installed for the slidig mechanism.

The track for the sliding door may also include an adjacent track for a sliding fly screen frame. This will be part of the overall design, allinstalled at the same time. But if we already have a sliding door without a fly screen mesh frame, we will have to find another option .

Options for Retractable Fly Screens

– A pleated screen will flod up to one side of the doorway. This is easy to add on once we have the right dimentions for the door.
Retractable fly screens can be stored in a cartriage over the door. This is a good option for many situations as there should be no modification needed to the door, and no clutter when the screen is not used. The screen just rolls away like as window blinds do.
– Magnetic screens can attach to the door frame. Once again this doesn’t require any modification to the door or frame. The magnetic screen is made to the right size, and can be used or packed away as required.

Insects and Security

The fly screen mesh on sliding doors will not protect against intruders unless it an intergrated part of the sliding door design, with suitable security mesh. Any insect screen that is added on, retractable models, will only keep out insects, not potential burglers.

Retractable Fly Screens

Have fly screen mesh on windows and doorways to let light and air in while keeping insects out. Custom fitted to any space.

What Flyscreens Can and Cannot Do

Flyscreen frames are such a simple yet effective idea. The mesh over the window allows light and air in but keeps insects out. But there are many variations that also provide additional benefits. So we should choose the fly screen that suits our situation.

Any Fly Screen Frame will:

  • Keep insects out
  • Let air circulate, so a breeze will help keep things cooler inside
  • Let light inside
  •  Allow a decent view outside
  •  Help the environment because there is little need for pesticides and insect repellants

Some Fly Screen Frames will:

  • Provide security protection against burglars. Look for metal mesh.
  • Be damage resistant towards pets.
  • Be retractable when not in use.
  • Be detachable, to be removed when not in use.
  • Prevent people from falling through a window.

Fly Screen Mesh will not:

  • Block UV light, which causes sunburn and fabrics to fade. But if we are concerned about UV light we can add UV-proof curtains.
  • Block sound. We need to close the windows for that.

Flyscreen doors basically offer the same advantages as any window with a fly screen frame. But if it is a security door will also offer protection against burglars when locked, and prevent infants from wandering outside when required.

We should have solid mesh on security fly screen doors, or at least mesh that withstands pet claws, if there is a pet in the household. We also recommend security doors that triple lock.

A fly screen frame or fly screen doors can keep our household free of insects while allowing light in and air to circulate.

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Pros and Cons About Retractable Fly Screens

A retractable fly screen is exactly what the name says. When closed it covers the window with a light mesh that keeps insects out. This is ideal for some seasons where insects are a problem. When the screen is closed, it is retracted into an overhead cassette, rather like a retractable blind. Or it folds up into pleats, a little like a Venetian blind.

Benefits of Retractable Fly Screens

  • Like all fly screens, they keep insects out.
  • The retractable screens take up very little space.
  • Ideal for tricky spaces like French doors and bifold.
  • When they cover large open doors they still allow people to pass through.
  • They cover a wide area without cross-section frames or obstructions.
  • Easy to vacuum clean with a brush attachment.

Disadvantages of Retractable Screens

  • Unlike heavy mesh, the retractable screen will not protect against burglars.
  • We have to make sure the retractable fly screens do not interfere with any retractable blinds.

Retractable fly screens lend themselves to large open doors and windows, especially when they lead to the outside. So they cater to the exterior style of architecture, where the large doors can be opened to connect the inside space to the outside living area. At the same time, retractable blinds and screens are a fine option for small windows in bedrooms and kitchens.

Retractable fly screens are ideal for all types of windows. Keep insects out while allowing light in when needed. SK Screens&Blinds can help you with finding the right one. We provide fly Screen service Sydney-wide, so give us a call at 0430 229 507 today!

Window Blinds Online Fly Screen Mesh

Popular Styles of Window Blinds Online

Window blinds come in various different designs and materials. There are many options for different rooms.

Wood Blinds

These have a natural appeal, for people like the semi-random pattern of woodgrain. And wood insulates out heat and blocks Sunlight perfectly well.

Timber is a renewable resource, and as long as it is not burnt for fuel it actually helps the environment when it is grown.

Timber window blinds can be given a protective coating to protect against water damage. They can also be stained a darker shade if that suits the room decor.

Faux Wood

These have the appearance of natural timber but offer an advantage in being waterproof and mould resistant.

Faux wood comes in various colours, but unlike natural timber, it cannot be altered by staining or painting. You have the colour and design you buy.

Vertical Blinds

A Vertical window blind consists of vertical fabric slats on a glide track. The slats can rotate 180 degrees to alter the light in the room. Or the whole system can be drawn to one side, effectively leaving the window open.

Vertical blinds are popular for large rooms with large (floor to ceiling) windows.

Venetian Blinds

Possibly the most popular type of blind, Venetian blinds have horizontal slats that can be tilted to block or pass light as required. They are quite effective at blocking heat while allowing partial light through.

The strips of material on a Venetian blind are usually 2 inches wide and made of anything from timber to metal to plastic.

These are Venetian-style blinds with thinner slats, usually less than an inch wide. The slats are usually made of aluminum.

Mini Blinds

Mini blinds, or micro blinds which have slats less than half an inch wide, are good for bathrooms and other rooms with small windows.

By having fly screen mesh on windows we can keep insects out when the blinds and windows are open. Blinds are practical and can benefit the home decor. SK Screens and Blinds have a wide range of options available for the blind online for every situation so check it out today!