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Why Window Blinds Work So Well

Window Blinds

Window blinds complement windows both in a functional and aesthetic manner. Functionally they can be used to block out the Sunlight when it is too bright, and provide privacy. Aesthetically there is always a type of blind to suit the decor of a room and make it look better, or at least fit in with what is already there. In some cases people like the blinds, and alter the room decor accordingly.

Different Types of Window Blinds

There are various types of window blind made from various different materials. These include Polyester, aluminium, timber and PVC. Often these materials are inexpensive, so good quality, long-lasting blinds can be quite cost effective.

Blinds also come in different designs:
– Vertical Blinds
– Horizontal Blinds
– Venetian Blinds (vertical)
– Roman Blinds
– Roller Blinds
– Pleated Blinds
– Plantation Shutters (internal on external)
– Exterior Window Blinds

Blinds can be combined with Fly Screen mesh and window tinting to provide protection against the Sun’s UV light and Infrared heat. Sometimes they are also combined with light translucent curtains which allow light in while providing privacy.

Fly Screen Mesh

Fly screen mesh is the simple yet effective way to keep insects out of the home. The mesh lets almost all the light in, allowing visibility when required, while hardly taking up any space or interfering with aesthetic of function of the window. They also allow air circulation when the window is open, so we can enjoy the Summer breeze.

Fly screens can be removable, retractable or permanently fixed in position.

Window Blinds

A window blind is the finishing touch to any window. Have Sunshine or privacy as you choose, and complement the decor.

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