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What to do with Window Blinds

Windows are rarely left bare. Almost every window covers the glass with a curtain or blind. Quite often there will be fly screen mesh to keep insects out. And there are other ways to adorn windows. Some of these adornments will also apply to doorways, and a few places (like sliding glass entrances) are a combination of doors and windows.

Window Blinds

Blinds are such a simple yet useful idea. In all their variations a blind can be opened to let a window function as a window and let the light in. Or it can be closed to block the light and provide privacy.

Roller window blinds consist of a flat sheet of cloth or plastic that covers the window. This sheet can be retracted and rolled up at the top of the window frame. So the window can be covered, uncovered, or partially covered with a simple-to-operate roller blind.

Roller blinds, being so simple, can be made in a variety of colours and patterns. So there are a lot of opportunities to complement the decor with a matching style of window blind.

Venetian window blinds use a series of horizontal slats that can be tilted in order to open and close the blind. This has been a popular design for many generations, partly because the slats can be tilted upwards. This allows light in while still providing privacy.

Venetian blinds can be operated by cords, a rotating rod, or by an electric motor.

Fly Screen Mesh

Fly screen mesh is useful on windows that open to the outside. If we want to let the air circulate through the window but still keep insects out the mesh will make this easy. Fly screen mesh can be combined with a blind so that light can be kept out even as the window is open to the outside world.

Modern fly screen mesh can be made much stronger than older mesh. This means it will also keep potential burglars out, not just insects.

Window Blinds Sydney

Add to the home decor with functional window blinds. Block the sunlight or open the window to the outside world at your convenience.


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