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Window Blind Basics

The Basics of Window Blinds

Quite simply, blinds are window coverings. They can be used for practical purposes, providing privacy and blocking sunlight. And they can be used for decorative effect. Many home owners put a considerable time and effort into choosing the right style of blind to complement the decorative appearance of their rooms.

Window blinds are made to be opened and closed with ease. Their operating mechanism can be manually controlled by a cord or rod. Or the blind may have an electronic motor control. Remote electronic controls are convenient if you wish to close the blinds while you stay in bed.

Keeping the temperature comfortable inside

Covering the window is simple with blinds. and it allows us to keep out much of that heat during bright sunny days. So we can keep the air conditioning to a minimum, and save money. On moderately warm days we can even keep the windows open while the blinds are shut, keeping the air circulating while keeping the light and heat out.
During winter months the blinds provide that extra layer of insulation, so we don’t have cold glass window surfaces taking heat out of the room. This helps reduce heating/air conditioning costs.

Material Concerns

Blinds can be made from various different materials. This includes Polyester, aluminium, timber and PVC. OFten these materials are inexpensive, so good quality, long lasting blinds are moderate in cost.
blinds also come in different designs:
– Vertical Blinds
– Horizontal Blinds
– Venetian Blinds (vertical)
– Roman Blinds
– Roller Blinds
– Pleated Blinds
– Plantation Shutters (internal on external)
– Exterior Window Blinds

Blinds can be combined with window tinting to provide protection against the Sun’s UV light and Infrared heat. Sometimes they are also combined with light translucent curtains which allow light in while providing privacy.

Window Blinds

Consider window blinds for any room in the house. There is always a style of blind to complement any home decor.

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