Which type of fly screen mesh to buy

Australia has had some of its hottest weather ever in the last few weeks. There are a few ways that homeowners deal with this. One is to lock themselves away behind shut doors and windows and run the air conditioning all day. Another is to take advantage of any breeze by leaving windows open. Unfortunately leaving windows completely open allows insects inside the home. And if there is anything worse than being too hot it is suffering insect bites when it is too hot.

Retractable Fly Screen Sydney

Screens should be on every window. They are the simple and effective means of keeping virtually any insect outside, all while letting the light and breeze through the home.

The question is which type of fly screen mesh to buy? Retractable fly screens certainly have advantages over a solid fly screen frame. The retractable or detachable models can be stored away in cold weather, or simply retracted into their overhead cartridge. There are several options here.

  • Pleated fly screens, rather like a blind when they fold up.
  • A magnetic fly screen frame attaches to any steel window. The same magnetic frame can be used on different windows at different times, depending on which way the breeze blows.
  • Retractable fly screens simply roll up on top of the window.

Else, security screens are permanently fixed to the window. These prevent intruders from coming in, and prevent children of the elderly from falling out.

Security fly screen doors provide protection for the house, while also allowing light in and air to circulate.

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