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What is dual roller blinds

Dual Roller Window Blinds

Dual blinds give the benefits of two types of blind, in virtually the same space as one set or regular blind.

Regular blinds usually give you two options, closing the blinds to block out all light, which offers privacy, or opening the blinds to let light in. The light blocking on most of these blinds is complete, the room will be dark if all the blinds are closed.

Some other blinds offer an alternative – they offer privacy with a translucent blinds but still let light in during the day.

Dual blinds give you three options:

– Total light blocking, a dark room with privacy. This is good if you want the room to be dark during the day, and want privacy at night.
– Partial light blocking, privacy so nobody can see in, but most of the sunlight coming in from the outside.
– Open blinds, which give you all the light through the window, so you can see out and others can see in.

Other advantages of Dual Rollar Window Blinds

– The blinds will stop UV light in both total blocking and partially light blocking modes. So neither you nor you furnishings are damaged by the Sun’s Rays.
– The partial and total blocking of the blinds help keep the temperature stable inside. So you save on heating and cooling costs.
– The blinds are attractive and sleek looking. With the many colour options you will always find several options to suit your decor.
– The blind mechanism is durable and easy to use.

Blind Online

Blinds can be ordered online. All you need is the dimensions of your windows. Find the style that suits you taste and your room decor and quickly transform the look of your home.

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