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What do I need to know about vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are not the most common type of window covering, but they have remained popular. They are the type of blind that is found in many middle and upper-class lounge rooms rather than offices or business settings. They are probably the best option for large windows that reach the floor.

Vertical blinds are rather like Venetian blinds, except the slats are vertical rather than horizontal. And the slats are usually cloth. This has a pleasing effect, making the windows seem larger and taller, yet unobtrusive. The only disadvantage of vertical slat blinds is that they do not provide privacy when partially open. But if we do want privacy, we can simply close the blinds fully. Or we can add a light curtain behind the blinds that let through some light.

Vertical blinds are also the best option for sliding glass doors. Being fully retractable, the blinds can be left completely open to allow access through the glass doors. Or they can be closed for complete privacy.

The tilt function of vertical blinds is useful when we want outside light without glare. We can tint the blinds to block the sun, yet still have plenty of light. This is easy to control with a child safety chain or a wand.

Good quality vertical blinds are fade-resistant and should never suffer from mould. They can be combined with UV windows (putting transparent UV film over the windows) to good effect. This means light from the window that does not damage furniture or cause eyestrain.

Cleaning is easy with vertical blinds. Firstly, because the surface is vertical, they will not accumulate dust. And when they do need the occasional cleaning, we can just use the soft attachment on a vacuum cleaner. PVC blinds can be wiped with a damp cloth.

SK Screens take pride in providing custom-made blinds or window coverings for all situations. This includes blinds and coverings for sliding doors. There are so many styles and colours, so there is always something to suit or even enhance your home décor.

Looking for Vertical Blinds in Sydney

Have custom vertical blinds for your windows. These are neat and functional, and provide privacy or light as required.

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