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Venetian Window Blinds

Venetian Window Blinds

Venetian Blinds have been around for well over a century, but they remain popular because they are such a clever design. They offer privacy and complete blockage of the outside light when closed. Or allow as much light in as you see fit. They are also low maintenance and moderately priced.

Modern Venetian blinds come in various colour, being built from various materials including timber, thin metal and PVC. So there are many options for any room decor.

Considerations for Venetian Window Blinds

Slat Size – A large window with Venetians tends to look better with larger slats. If we use small slats the window looks over detailed and crowded. Likewise, a small window will look better with smaller slats, as a small number of large slats may look overwhelming.

Cords or tapes – The slats of the Venetian window blinds will be held in place, and controlled, by cords and tapes (a flat ribbon) . Tapes have some small advantages in blocking more external light, and they can be a different colour to the slats, providing some more decor options. Otherwise, the choice is a matter of preference.

Material – Aluminium is good if the blinds are in a damp environment, such as a bathroom or near kitchen sink or stove. And aluminium slats look neat and modern. Timber slats look and feel very organic, but it is not good with moisture. PVC is good with moisture and colourful.

Measuring and Ordering Venetian Window Blinds

We have two basic options for mounting Venetian blinds. They can be slightly smaller and fit inside the window frame. Or they can be larger and be mounted outside the window frame. Mounting inside the window frame takes up less room, and will remain flush with the wall. Mounting outside the frame will help block more light.

We must measure the window carefully when ordering blinds. If we install the blinds inside the frame the measurement, especially side to side must be exactly right. If it is too wide the blinds will get stuck.

If we mount the blinds outside the window frame then we should have a 7 cm overlap on each side of the blind.

Looking for Window Blinds in Sydney?

Window blinds are functional and can complement the room decor. Consider Venetian blinds for your home or office.
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