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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Window Blinds

Blinds are functional, and can be made to suit the home decor. They are functional in that they allow us to dim or block out the light outside. And in that they allow us privacy when they are fully closed, so no one can see in. Closed blinds also help keep the inside temperature more stable, which reduces heating/cooling costs. Open blinds that allow light in reduce the cost of using electrical lighting.

Blinds can either add to the decor, if they have a pleasing and suitable design, or be unobtrusive enough to be unnoticeable, at least when they are not being used. Venetian blinds are reasonably unobtrusive when they are fully retracted; they can be simply left as a small strip at the top of the window. But they can also be designed to complement the surrounding room. Being available in timber, clean aluminium or timber style PVC, the Venetian blinds can suit many style of interior decor.

And because of their reasonable simplicity there is very little that can go wrong with Venetian blinds. They are largely maintenance free.

Blinds do need to be cleaned. If we know the tricks with Venetian blinds then cleaning is relatively straightforward. If is a simple matter to use a gloved hand to remove dust from the slats of the blinds. They are also easy to dust with a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner.

Blind Online

Venetian blinds can be easily made to order. All you need is accurate measurements of the window to be covered. Order Venetian blinds online.

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