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UV Light, Windows and Fly Screens Sydney

The glass in windows will not offer much protection against UV Light.

Our eyes see all the colours of the rainbow. Beyond this visible spectrum of colours is Ultraviolet Light (UV). This is the invisible radiation that causes sunburn on human skin, and the fading of fabrics, paint, and other materials exposed to the sun. It is best to reduce our exposure to UV light as much as possible.

Regular glass windows will remove some UV light. People standing behind a window will receive about half the UV radiation of a person standing outside. But this is only a moderate improvement. We should aim for better results.

UV radiation that comes through windows will steadily cause fading of indoor fabrics, carpet, furniture, upholstery, and paint. This fading damage is permanent and irreversible. In some cases, the fabric can be re-dyed, but the fabric material has still suffered some underlying damage.

Protection against UV

There are two general methods to protect your household contents from UV radiation. One is to block the light out entirely. The other is to let the visible light through while filtering out (most of) the UV. This filtering allows us to make use of the natural light, saving on electricity bills.

Windows can be fitted with UV filter screens. These can remove 95% of the UV. These screens also reduce the heat of sunlight so that the inside of the house will not heat up as much in the Sun. The UV filtering protects carpets and other indoor furnishings. The heat reduction helps keep the house cool, saving on air conditioner costs.

Curtains and UV

Most curtains will not block UV light. The few curtains that do block UV light will make this feature a sales point. Furthermore, many curtain fabrics will fade in UV light. Unless the curtains have UV protection we should fit windows with UV film to prevent damage to curtains and other indoor furnishings.

Window Fittings:

  • Protection against insects
  • Protection against UV light
  • Ability to shut out the light
  • Ability to block out the breeze/wind.
  • Ability to reduce heat.
  • Able to provide privacy

Fixed and Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Flyscreens are almost perfectly effective for removing insects. The flyscreens you have fitted will keep your home inset free for decades. But home windows will still need protection against UV damage and the general weather. Consider shutters for the weather and UV film for the glass window.

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