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UV Light, Insects and Intruders

Window Blinds and other Window Treatments

We can add many things to windows for the sake of functionality, and for decor. No one window embellishment does everything, but there will be a combination of additions that will provide whatever we need.

Fly Screen Mesh

A fly screen frame on a window will keep insects out, even when the window is open. This can be very useful in summer. We can let the breeze in, circulating the air, to keep things cool, yet the fly screen mesh will still keep insects outside.

Modern fly screen frames are much tougher than older fly screen mesh. This heavy construction will also keep intruders from breaking in.

UV film

Ultra Violet light (UV) is the energy from the Sun that causes sunburn on the skin. This same energy will cause fading of the paint and fabrics of furniture and building materials. By putting up UV proof film on window glass we remove 99.9% of UV light, so fabrics and paint inside the home are protected from sun damage.

Home Window Blinds

Window blinds can block light during the daytime, and provide privacy day and night. Solid window blinds can also provide fairly good UV protection, prevent interior damage, and help to keep inside temperatures stable. While simple to use, blinds are very useful.

There are various types of window blinds, including Venetian and roller blinds. So there is always a functional option to suit any room decor.

Window Blinds

Add blinds to any room and enjoy the benefits – privacy, shade, and better-looking windows that suit the home decor.



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