Unusual blinds

Unusual Windows Blinds

Unusual Windows Blinds

Some homes and other buildings include a window of unorthodox shape. We have windows over bathroom facilities, in attic apartments, or for second-story balconies. These may well be attractive and functional in the right situation, but finding the right window blinds can be a challenge.
Custom blinds will sort out any window situation. But we should know what we want for the windows first.

Bay windows

There are triple windows used on balconies. There are three glass sections, with the two side sections angels towards the (usually larger) front section. They allow a lot of light in the window and have an old-school appearance.
It is usually possible to cover bay windows with three venation blinds if there is enough room. Or you can use three roller blinds. When either of these types of blinds are closed they will be virtually unnoticeable.
Curtains can work if the sides of the bay windows are too small for blinds. You can even combine side curtains with a central blind of the same colour.

Short Windows

Some rooms have short windows at a high level. These are common in bathrooms, where we want light and air circulation but no external visibility.
Venetian blinds work well on short windows. Or you can use small curtains.
And there is no rule to say that the blinds cannot be large than the windows that they cover.

Tall Windows

Tall windows look elegant in the right setting. But it can be tricky to get curtains or blinds in such large sizes. Furthermore, if we cannot reach the top of the window then we need some way to open the coverings. This can simply be a cord, or perhaps a remote.
One trick is to have separate curtains for the top and bottom of the tall windows. We can open the top section to let in light while keeping the bottom section closed for privacy.
Or we might just have long blinds drawn by a cord.

Window Blinds Online

If you know the dimensions of the window blinds then finding the right window blinds online is reasonably simple. Good blinds are functional and will improve the look of the room.



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