Two Way Security for the Elderly

Retirement homes and some family homes have elderly relatives. These senior citizens often need supervision and sometime continual care. They may benefit from some solid homes security measures.

Security Fly Screen Doors

Security doors prevent insects and unauthorized personal from entering the building. They can also be set up to prevent children or elderly residents from leaving. A good security door can give home owners some peace of mind, knowing that their children and elderly relatives cannot wander away unsupervised.

Home with the elderly can be the target of some thieves. These thieves try to exploit the mental state of the elderly, entering the house while claiming to be friends, relatives, salespeople or official investigators. A locked security door keep these potential thieves out.

Modern security doors can become part of the home d├ęcor. There is always a screen door design to sit the home.

Fly Screen Sydney

It is pleasant to enjoy the sunshine or breeze while indoors. Senior citizens can safely benefit from fresh air and sunshine behind security screen windows. These screens let the air circulate while keeping insects outside. All without interrupting the outside view.

Modern Fly Screen Mesh is designed with enough strength to prevent a child or senior citizen from falling through the window. These are especially important for building with multiple floors or any windows more than two meters above the ground.

Security Lights and Cameras

Motion activated light and security cameras are a considerable deterrent to potential intruders. The knowledge that they cannot hide in a dark corner, and that they can be easily identified with security footage will greatly discourage thieves. Motion activated light can also indicate a child or elderly pensioner accidently wandering outside.

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