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Why Try Window Blinds

Window Blinds

Almost everybody has some form of window blinds or curtains in their home. These window coverings just prove so useful. They allow privacy when needed, allow light inside when it is useful, and they even help keep the room temperature more stable.

And they need not compromise the decor. Blinds can be designed to make the room look better, and then fold way out of sight when not needed.

Retractable Window Blinds

Older window blinds took up a lot of space, whether they were used or not. This was fine if we liked the way they looked, and if we had the space to spare. But many people have found that retractable blinds are far less obtrusive. They take up almost no space when not in use, and do not compromise the decor in any significant way.

Many modern blinds retract into a relatively small overhead cartridge at the top of the window. So they are out of sight when we con’t use them. Even Venetian blinds can be manufactured to take up very little space when retracted. This allows a room with a strong sense of light and space during summer months.

Modern Window Blinds

We might need out blinds to completely block out all light, or to allow light in while retaining privacy. Some blinds allow both options.
Screen fabric, light filtering blinds will allow plenty of warm sunshine in while still keeping prying eyes outside. This is like having soft curtain over the windows, with the advantage of being able to completely retract them when needed. These blinds allow you to save on electricity costs by using natural outside light.

Blockout blinds provide complete light blocking for a room. This is ideal for privacy, or for using a home theatre. If we want a dark room then blockout blinds are the best option.

Venetian blinds are an old idea, but they prove so versatile that many homes still use then. They provide complete light blocking and privacy when closed, and allow privacy with moderate light when tilted upwards. This is the best of both worlds.

Older blinds were sometime harder to retract. New blinds can have a simple but effective chain control, a rod control, or even an electric motor to retract them. No more stuck blinds. Open and close at your discretion.

Window Blinds

Blinds are are practical and complement the decor. Call us to find the right Window Blinds for your home.

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