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Sliding Doors and Fly Screen Mesh

Sliding doors are often ideal for the back of the home. If we want the home to open onto an outdoor veranda or patio a sliding door allows both plenty of walk space and plenty of outdoor light. We will probably want to add a fly screen frame to these sliding doors for use during the summer, to keep insects out. Retractable fly screens like pleated screens or mesh that rolls up like a blind may be a good option here. But we need to make sure the space can be kept clean when required.

Fitting Sliding Doors and Retractable Fly Screens

Some sliding doors are fitted to the same frame left from the presious sliding or stacking door. Some can be fitted to the space where there was a large window that extended from the floor to the ceiling. More often the wall must be partially removed when we intall large sliding doors, with a track and frame installed for the slidig mechanism.

The track for the sliding door may also include an adjacent track for a sliding fly screen frame. This will be part of the overall design, allinstalled at the same time. But if we already have a sliding door without a fly screen mesh frame, we will have to find another option .

Options for Retractable Fly Screens

– A pleated screen will flod up to one side of the doorway. This is easy to add on once we have the right dimentions for the door.
Retractable fly screens can be stored in a cartriage over the door. This is a good option for many situations as there should be no modification needed to the door, and no clutter when the screen is not used. The screen just rolls away like as window blinds do.
– Magnetic screens can attach to the door frame. Once again this doesn’t require any modification to the door or frame. The magnetic screen is made to the right size, and can be used or packed away as required.

Insects and Security

The fly screen mesh on sliding doors will not protect against intruders unless it an intergrated part of the sliding door design, with suitable security mesh. Any insect screen that is added on, retractable models, will only keep out insects, not potential burglers.

Retractable Fly Screens

Have fly screen mesh on windows and doorways to let light and air in while keeping insects out. Custom fitted to any space.

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