Custom Roller Blinds Sydney

Shutters and Roller Blinds Sydney

We recommend roller blinds Sydney-wide. Weather varies greatly in Australia, and we change the conditions in our home accordingly. Adding blinds or shutters makes a huge difference when keeping our homes cooler in hot weather. They also make a big difference for keeping out bright light. Some blinds will also provide insulation during the winter months, making it easier to keep the home warm.

The Basics about Blinds

Blinds are a simple and practical addition to home windows. When left open, the blinds take up almost no space at all. When closed, they provide privacy and block bright light during the day. We have the option of leaving windows open and blinds closed, allowing air to circulate in hot weather while still blocking light and providing privacy. And we can close both windows and blinds to keep the heat in during cold winter months.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are perhaps the most simple type of window covering. They consist of a flat sheet of cloth or vinyl that perfectly covers the window when closed. This roller blind retracts above the window when closed, taking up very little space.

There are a great number of décor options for roller blinds. If you have white or cream-coloured interior walls, it is easy to have blinds in the same colour. This gives a neat, uniform, open look to the room. Alternately, you might have coloured blinds or patterned blinds to add more detail to the interior. These can match or complement the rest of the room décor, for a pleasing effect. Custom roller blinds allow many décor options.

Roller blinds allow the window to be completely blocked, or left completely open.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds Sydney

It is also possible to have translucent blinds, which allow most of the external light in while still providing privacy. These roller blinds will also remove the ultraviolet light which damages furniture and carpets.

Dual Roller Blinds

As the name implies, these dual blinds have two layers, providing two options. There is a translucent layer that allows light in, and a second layer to block light completely. These will also provide good insulation to keep the home at a stable temperature.

Venetian Blinds

These are another classic type of blind, which have remained popular for many generations.

Venetian blinds have vertical slats that can either be tilted, or retracted to the top of the window. When tilted, the slats allow light through. It is possible to tilt the slat in a way that retains privacy. When retracted to the top of the window, the blinds effectively leave the window wide open.

Venetian blinds can be made of timber, PVC or aluminium. All of these materials are very long-lasting, and provide a great number of décor options, suitable for any home interior.

It is a simple matter to custom design these blinds to suit your particular windows. They can be easily combined with light curtains or window film to block UV light.

Vertical Blinds

These are like venetian blinds, except that the slats are vertical rather than horizontal. The slats tend to be made of cloth rather than hard materials, so they are translucent, allowing most of the external light inside.

Vertical blinds give a more modern look than most other options. They are a little like curtains, except that they can be easily cleaned with a vacuum.

We believe that custom roller blinds Sydney-wide will provide a great addition to home windows. They provide privacy when needed, and allow light in when the weather is suitable. Best of all, the insulation they often provide helps keep the energy bills down as they keep the temperature stable.

Custom Roller Blinds Sydney

Have custom blinds for your windows. Roller blinds are neat and functional, providing privacy and light, and keeping the temperature more stable.

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