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Security or Fly Screen Sydney

Security versus Fly Screen Sydney

Fly screen mesh comes in various types. One main distinction is between light insect screens, which are designed to keep small creatures outside, and Heavy mesh screens, which are a security measure to keep intruders outside.

Plain Fly Screen Sydney

These insect screens are made from light mesh, like aluminium, fibreglass, PVC or coated polyester. They can be broken with moderate force (like breaking a window) or easily cut with a knife.

Security Fly Screen Sydney

Security screens are much harder than plain mesh. They are made from stainless steel of sometimes interwoven aluminium. They are permanently attached to a fly screen frame.

Security Screens cannot be home made, not without special welding equipment. They are specially patented and designed according to Australian regulations.

If a security screen is designed to open it must be made like a security door. It will have hinges and a locking system. This makes them very difficult to break through, either from inside or out.

The durability of security fly screen mesh windows is very high. They initially cost more, but they should last for decades. Plain insect screens are simply replaced if damaged. But security screens should never need replacing.

Window Blinds

An alternative to security screen mesh is to use external window blinds. Plantation shutters can be locked shut to keep intruders out. Some designs allow air to circulate while the main shutter doors are closed by using movable horizontal slats.

Fly Screen Sydney

Keep the home insect and intruder free with fly screen mesh. Removable and retractable designs are available.

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