Sealing Household Gaps

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There are several spaces in the average household where two different surfaces joint together. These spaces may contain a gap that is open to leaking water or moisture.

Common places where this troublesome gap can occur include:

  • And area where two floors join together.
  • Where the kitchen tile floor joins to another floor.
  • Where the bathroom tile floor joins the next room.
  • Underneath any doorway, especially doors leading outside.
  • Entrances from patios
  • Underneath sliding glass window/doors or fly screen doors
  • Around window frames with or without fly screen frames.
  • Any window, door, exhaust vent, that needs a fly screen mesh

Water that leaks through a gap in the house can cause long term problems. Water in the structure of the house can cause serious rot and decay, which may damage frames, support structures or other vital parts of the homes. Else, the moisture can lead to mould problems, with some forms of mould being very bad for health.

Sealing Gaps

The easy and effect way to seal gaps is with silicone. This can be applied with a caulking gun. Silicone is available in white, black, brown or several other colours; choose a colour that is inconspicuous, blending in with the surroundings. The caulking guns are fairly cheap at hardware stores.

Some areas are best filled with hard materials like wood filler, putty, builders bog, or Pollyfiller plaster. Again, find a colour that is inconspicuous.

If you need to cover the sealed area there are a few options. A gap between floors can be covered with an edge strip; this also works for many doors. Other areas can sometimes be covered with skirting boards. Also seal the area first; the edge strip or skirting board will not protect against water. 

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Fly screens are great for keeping pests out while still letting fresh air and sunlight in. Make sure the windows are sealed against moisture to prevent long term damage to the home 

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