Fly Screen Mesh

Fly Screen Mesh For Homes

We can add screens and screen doors to many parts of the home, which helps keep things cooler under some conditions, and keeps insects out.

Fly Screen Mesh

This is the simplest way to keep flying insects out of the home. Screens cover the otherwise open windows, allowing light an air through. But the insects stay outside.

Australia doesn’t do too badly with insects, as there is no real risk of malaria or other diseases. But for the sake of convenience it is best to keep insects outside.

Retractable Fly Screens

We may not need fly screens all the year round. So some fly-screens are made either detachable, or retractable.

Detachable fly screens are might be set in a frame, which might be removed at the end of Summer. Or detachable screens might be magnetic. These prove convenient for storage because they can be rolled up and keep in a small space.

Retractable screens are simple to use and reliable. The screen recoils into a overhead storage cassette. When not in use you will hardly notice it is there

Fly Screen Security Doors

These serve so many functions. Of course the fly screen mesh keeps insects out. And by having a screen door we can keep the air circulating through the home during hot weather. Best of all these doors are lockable and very secure, so we keep any potential intruders away simply by locking he door. And when using a locked security door w can still keep fresh air circulating inside.

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