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Safety and Window Blinds

Window Blinds

We might consider window blinds for many reasons. They are functional, good for heat insulation, and if we choose the right design they complement the decor. We should also remember to choose blinds that are safe for children.

Window Blinds Functionality

  • Block light, or allow it in as needed
  • Provide privacy when needed.
  • They can allow air to circulate through an open window, still block light and provide privacy.
  • They can keep the heat down in Summer by blocking infrared light.
  • They provide some insulation against a closed window, keeping the room temperature stable. This saves on heating/cooling costs.
  • Blinds block UV light, to prevent sunburn or fading of furniture inside.

Window Blinds Decor

  • Venetian blinds can come in many colours, with many to suit any decor.
  • Blinds can be combined with curtains, so the curtains provide the outer appearance.
  • Timber blinds suit old-school decor. They can be rustic or classic wood.
  • Metal Venetian blinds in light colours suit modern decors or any functional ‘office style’ room.


Window Blinds and Safety

Some blinds used in the past were a safety risk, at least for children. Some blinds were controlled by a cord. There was a small risk that a child might get caught in this cord and choke. Alternative means of controlling the blind are far less risky.

Blinds can be controlled by rotating a small rod (also called a wand). Or they can be remote controlled. Another alternative is a light chain that breaks under slight pressure. Often, especially if the window is high on the wall, it is enough to keep the cord well out of reach of the children.

Window Blinds

Modern window blinds provide privacy and block light. They also help keep indoor temperatures stable. Find a style of blind that suits your decor taste.




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