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Maintaining Retractable Fly Screens Sydney
Security screen doors are easy to open from the inside, but strongly secured against outside intruders. They let natural light in and allow the air to circulate. They also can be made to complement the décor of your home. These are reason enough to invest in a good fly screen door or retractable window screen.

Older Sliding Fly Screens Doors Sydney
Occasionally a sliding screen suffers damage or needs a little maintenance, though this is rare.
One occasional issue is a sliding door coming off its tracks. This may occur because the unlocked door receives a heavy impact. Obviously the door needs to be repositioned onto the tracks, but the tracks should be cleaned first. Then the door should be reinserted into the tracks at an angle. Align the tracks and the rollers on the door, then angle the opposite edge of the door away from the frame. At the correct angle the door should comfortably slot in.

In some cases the rollers of the sliding door will need to be adjusted. You can often raise the height with a screwdriver, and this can help put the rollers back on track. But remember to readjust the roller height after the door is working again. If the door height is wrong the security lock and latch may not correctly align, and the door will not lock.

Modern Doors and Retractable Fly Screens
Our modern design fly screen doors, which can be retracted by sliding or by pleated design, will not need adjustment under normal circumstances. The use of enclosed guide channels prevents any malfunction in the mechanism, so repairs will only be required in the event of a severe accident.

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