Privacy, Rooms and Bedrooms

Uses for Window Blinds

Some rooms of the house can be open to the outside, others require privacy at least some of the time. Bedrooms need privacy for personal needs, and they need to block the outside light when people are sleeping. Home theatres and television rooms may also need to block outside light. Blinds are ideal for privacy and blocking light.

A window blind is such a simple concept. But it is also effective and can design to stylishly suit the room décor. A blind block outside light allows privacy when closed. It allows light in when open, and often blinds can be set part open to provide reduced light in sunny conditions.

Individuals who want privacy while still allowing light in may consider adding window frosting or light (translucent) curtains behind the blinds.

Considerations for Window Blinds

  • Does the room face onto the street or another home? You will need privacy.
  • Will the Sun shine in the windows in the morning, or afternoon? Can you use this to your advantage?
  • Do you want to let the breeze through the window?
  • Shift workers benefit from blinds that block the light during the day.
  • Light blocking blinds are useful if the home uses a projector.
  • Does the house have outside shutters? These will also block light.
  • Blinds will help keep the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, though thermal insulation and infrared film are more effective.

UV protection on windows, using UV film, is another possibility.

Blind Online

If you have accurate measurements for your windows it is not too difficult to order blinds online. There is a wide range of decoration styles and blinds that function in various ways. Browse the range before finding the best option.

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