Plantations Shutters

Plantation Shutters and Window Blinds

Plantations shutters are extremely versatile, keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This versatility stem comes from their dual action design. They work as both opening doors and adjustable flat slatted panels.

As the name implies plantation shutters were originally developed on Southern USA plantations. They were originally fitted to the outside of large plantation homes, both over large windows and doorways. Opening the slats on the shutters allowed the air to circulate during the hot southern weather. Opening the shutter doors allowed the light in.

Though they were originally fitted to the outside of windows many modern plantation shutters are now used inside. Once again they allow air to circulate while keeping out the bright light, a good combination to have during summer. When locked shut they are also very secure.

Modern materials allows shutters to be waterproof. Older plantation shutters were made of wood, which would eventually rot or grow damaged in the sun. But newer materials, like Thermopoly, are not damaged by water and are capable of withstanding fairly harsh weather conditions for decades.

Shutters or Blind Online

Plantations shutters are the type of fittings that you would want to have custom-made to suit your home. But you can browse the design options online and find the style you like most. Then have this very design applied to your home.


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