Patio Considerations and Retractable Fly Screens

Patio Considerations

Outdoor patios can combine the best in outdoor and indoor living, but we need to design them well. A good patio will make use of natural light and the outside air, but it will need to keep insects out. It will also need to have some protection against potential thieves, though this can either be the retractable fly screen around the patio itself or the door that serves as the entrance to the main house.

Plan the patio and screens
Plan the design of your patio and its surrounding screens in advance. If you are planning the house from scratch then there is an advantage in having a roughly north facing patio- this will get the best sunlight during summer.
The patio may have a retractable set of screens around the edges, or a fixed screen with just a single door. Modern retractable screens are be designed to be fairly secure, with strong frames and locks. Else, some people feel there is little to protect in this outdoor area, so they choose to only install light screens.
Consider a transparent room material if you want natural sunlight. Polycarbonate roofs let light in, and they can be tinted. Glass or mesh walls also let in the light.
A strong lockable entrance to the main house is essential.

Right Materials
Strong fly screen frames keep out insects and intruders. They are a sound investment. Shop around to find the style that matches your home décor.
Security fly screen doors should be installed either on the house entrance or the entrance to the patio. There are many options. As long as any security door and general décor suit each other there should be no problem.

Retractable Fly screens Sydney
Patios are ideal for retractable fly screens. The different available styles might inspire a few good design ideas. Look at all the options before deciding.


Retractable Fly Screens

Patios And Retractable Fly Screens

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