New Screens for Old

Window Blinds

Blinds and fly screens still fulfill their function of keeping out light or insects. But the various new designs are now more practical and there are more ways to complement the home décor than ever before.

  • Blinds and screens can retract into a small overhead enclosure.
  • An adjustable accelerometer can control the retraction speed of the blind or screen.
  • Fiberglass screens resist breaking while still being retractable.
  • Channel guides on either side of a retractable screen ensure smooth operation and prevent gaps between the screen and windowsill.
  • Light filter blinds allow privacy while still allowing natural light in.
  • Dual blinds have two controllable layers. Enjoy sunlight with privacy, or block out the light when you watch a film or need to sleep.
  • Fly Screens can roll up into an overhead compartment or fold up in a pleated fashion.
  • Blinds are child safe with wands or electronic controls.
  • New blinds are very unlikely to develop holes
  • New designs retract into a very small space.
  • Modern blinds are maintenance-free.

Blind Online

With the internet and modern manufacturing techniques, we have more options for decorating and securing our homes than ever. There are countless styles of window blinds and screens available to browse online, and often the correct fitting only requires the window measurements.


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