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Do We need to Repair Fly Screens?

Fly Screen Sydney

Older styles of fly screen were made of soft, flexible material. They were quite effective at keeping out insects and even rodent, unless they were damaged. And unfortunately it was all too easy to damage these old type of fly screen.

The older fly screens on windows could be patched up; a new piece of screen could be sown into place. Alternately, the whole screen, which was help in place with rubber tubing in a groove, could be replaced. This was not too difficult, with replacement screen costing perhaps $20.

But older screens have largely been superseded by wire fly screens. These are much sturdier than old nylon screens. Modern screens are made of ticker metal, and are designed to keep people outside (or inside). They will stop potential intruders breaking in, or toddlers from falling through a window.

New fly screens rarely suffer damage, unless it is deliberate sabotage. If they are damaged then they should probably be replaced.

Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable screens cannot be made of heavy mesh. The ability to retract depends on the screen being able to bend, and thick metal will not do this.

We do not recommend trying to repair retractable mesh. Any repair will tend to stop the screen from properly retracting. It is best to replace the mechanism.

Fly Screen Doors

Old fly screen doors had light mesh that could be replaced if damaged. But these doors tended to be light in construction, not like the security doors that are presently favoured.

New security doors have heavy mesh that rarely suffers damage. While these doors are more expensive, they last for decades, and keep insects and intruders out very effectively.

Fly Screen Sydney

Modern fly screens and security doors last for years and rarely suffer any damage, so they very rarely require repair.

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