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Do I Need To Check For Structural Walls?

Often we can replace a window cover or add a screen door with minimal trouble. It is not a major renovation. But occasionally we might install a door or window in a wall. We need to be sure this will not cause a structural issue. Some walls directly support the structure of the building. A few other walls are just there to divide or create rooms. These can be modified without causing harm to the rest of the building.

Fly Screen Mesh Window

If we want to add a fly screen mesh frame of any kind to a window there should not be a problem. These screens will not require any serious modification to the windows, or to the structure of the building. external shutters will require some DIy skills, but they will not alter the windows themselves.

Security Doors Fly Screen Mesh

Security doors offer many advantages. They allow air to circulate though the house while keeping the insects and potential intruders out. We recommend them for any home.

One feature that is often overlooked is that security doors do not usually require much modification to the door or frame. We can provide a security door that fits exactly over a front or back door.

Blind Online

Window blinds should not require any serious modification to the window or frame. They can be fitted by most DIY practitioners. Just be sure to order the blind in exactly the right size.

Check for Load Bearing Walls

If we add a window or door to a building we must be careful if it is a load bearing wall. These walls support the roof and upper floors. So we cannot alter them unless we are sure that will continue to provide support.

External walls are almost always load bearing. We do not advise adding a window or door to these, unless you employ a professional builder.

– Any wall that has beam that reach into the foundation/basement will be a load bearing wall.
– Any wall that goes though several floors will be load bearing.
– If the building has a lot of floor space there will be a load bearing wall somewhere in the middle.
– Home Extension to home can be confusing, but the walls where the original building joins the extension will be load bearing.

Curtain walls can modified without affecting the rest of the building. But there is usually reason to add a screen to these.

Fly Screen Mesh

It is a simple matter to add blinds, fly screens and security doors to a home without affecting the basic structure of the building.

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