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Modern Fly Screen Doors

Modern Fly Screen Doors

Older types of screen door were almost always finished in plain metal. This is because both Aluminium and Stainless steel were difficult to paint. So screens doors that were made of rust proof aluminium or stainless steel were left plain, and only doors made of plain steel,which were prone to rust, were painted. Galvanized steel, which was also difficult to paint, was about the only other option.

The situation is different today. stainless steel can be painted if the surface is prepared with modern etching primer. Aluminium can also be painted if given the appropriate primer. And while some aluminium primers have been around for several decades the advancing technology means that the new primers give superior results to the older type of primer.

Another more advanced colour method for metal is powder coating. This uses an electrostatic process where a thin layer of plastic or epoxy powder is deposited on the metal surface. This give a very pleasing finish that is free from the runs or marks that might occur with painting. It is also very good at covering fine details on metalwork.

Modern security doors often use power-coated stainless steel, sometimes with a bare metal mesh and a power-coated main frame. Powder-coating looks synthetic, it is not like timber or stone, but neutral colour powder-coats like brown or white work well when matched to natural looking decor.

Security Fly Screen Doors

Modern fly screen doors are extremely durable and provide exceptional security for any entrance. The choice of styles and powder coated colours means there is no need to compromise decor. security doors actually look very smart.

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