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Security Door Fly Screen Sydney

Older fly screen doors consisted of a flimsy frame that simply supported the fly screen mesh. This successfully kept the insects out, as long as the door wasn’t damaged. But it did nothing else. Modern fly screen doors are different.

Today’s security doors offer heavy-duty fly screens to keep insects out, and a solid lockable frame to keep the home secure. This means we can keep the air circulating while having the home safely locked up. The security screen door is at least as secure as a solid door.

Of course this only really works if we have a good quality door. So what makes a good quality fly screen door?

Quality Fly Screen Doors

Mesh – New mesh is rigid metal, not light plastic or fine wire. Look for rigid mesh that meets the Australian AS5039-2008 standard.

Frame Material – The frame can be steel or aluminium. Steel is stronger, as long as it is reasonably thick. Aluminium is far less likely to corrode, unless you live at the beach. Stainless steel has both advantages, though it costs a little more.

Frame Construction – The corners of the door should be welded, not joined with bolts, screws or stakes. Welded joints are much harder to break.

Frame Grille Joint – The mesh should be deeply set into the frame, so there is no possibility of it being pushed out. This is termed the deep receiver channel.

Infill – This is the metal within the frame of the door, across the mesh. It should be either cast as part of the main frame, or at least welded into place. So not buy any door that has the infill riveted into place.

Edges – The door should not have an edge that allows a crowbar to be inserted. The edges of the door should be razor tight.

Locks – This should have three points of contact, top middle and base. This makes the door much harder to pry open.

Hinges – There should be at least three hinges that are welded to the door frame. Or a long hinge that runs the length of the door.

Security Door Fly Screen Sydney

A modern fly screen door offers excellent protection for the home. It protects against intruders and insects.

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