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What to do with Kitchen Window Blinds?

Kitchen Window Blinds

We spend more time in the kitchen that we realize. We notice this more if the kitchen looks drab. So it makes sense to decorate the kitchen is an appropriate and attractive way.
Kitchens, more than most other rooms, combine practicality with an attractive appearance. Many rooms are made to look good, but the kitchen has to store foodstuff, have different cooking areas, hold many appliances, and hopefully look good too. Yet there is not reason why any of these aspects need compromise the others.
Window blinds are part of many kitchens. The kitchen area needs good lighting, and it helps to have natural lighting from outside to save on power bills. At the same time we occasionally need to block out bright outdoor sunshine, or need some privacy. Window blinds allow light or privacy as we require them.

Some Ideas for Kitchen Window Blinds

Some kitchens are plain white or cream. This looks neat and clean, but it can also look sterile. A colourful window blind can be enough to brighten up a kitchen. It might be patterned, or a simple bold colour. If we also add a floor rug and a few other furnishings of the same colour as the blinds then the kitchen can look very stylish, without any compromise to the functionality or neat appearance.
If the kitchen is already colourful we might decide that plain blinds look best. Many blinds are plain white or creme because this hardly alters the appearance of most rooms; white goes with almost anything else.

Keeping Window Blinds Clean

The kitchen blinds are often above the sink, or some other area where they tend to get splashed with water or cooking liquids. So we want a window blind material that easy to clean and resistant to staining. So cloth blinds are probably a bad idea. Plastic or treated timber blinds are a good option; these wipe down quite easily.
Retractable roller blinds work well in kitchen. These are usually made of easy-to-clean vinyl, which we just need to wipe down. They can also be retracted when we do the cooking or washing up, so they need not get dirty.
Venetian blinds are also good for kitchens. They wipe down easily, and can be retracted when we work in the kitchen to avoid spills.
While cloth window blinds or curtain may get stained when we use the kitchen they can be easy to clean in the washing machine.

Window Blinds

Blinds are simple and effective. Consider some blinds in the kitchen, something easy to clean yet capable of providing privacy and light as we require.

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