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Keeping Pets of Fly Screen Mesh

Older flyscreens were made of softer, thinner material. This was fine for keeping insects out, but it offered no protection from intruders. And it could also be a problem for some house pets.

Some pets like cats and occasionally dogs would often claw at the insect screen when they wanted to get outside. On older screens this was a persistent problem as the pet’s claws would quickly damage the mesh. Newer security doors won’t be damaged by pets because the modern metal mesh is much stronger. But we still would prefer to keep pets off the screens, if only for their own safety.

Older Fly Screen mesh can get damaged because:

  • The screen on its own is hard to see. It looks like empty space, and it is easy for somebody to try to pass through it. If there is a metal design over the mesh then this problem basically will not occur.
  • Young children and pets do not see the screen as a barrier, or a closed door. It seems like an exit that is blocked, so they try to get through it.
  • Mesh is easy to climb for some pets, and their natural curiosity will lead them to do this.
  • Pets like to sharpen their claws on something. Mesh and furniture are easy targets for pets sharpening claws.
  • Pets will want to get outside, and a screen door across their usual exit will confuse them.

We can prevent damage to screens by:

  • Make the screen more visible by attaching stickers of magnets. A security door that has ornate metalwork over the mesh will not suffer this issue.
  • Use a layer of perspex over the base of the mesh near the ground. The pets will not try to climb this as there is nothing to grip.
  • Make a scratching post for the pets and train them to use it. This is a better alternative for them than the door.
  • If the pet is allowed to go outside, give them a small pet door, just large enough for them, but too small for burglars. Beware, this may allow pests inside.
  • Trim the pet’s claws, to prevent damage.
  • Use a security door with strong mesh. This is unlikely to be damaged. But we should prevent the pets from climbing the screen for safety reasons.

Modern security doors and fly screen mesh keep insects and intruders out. They are strong enough to resist most damage. SK Screens & Blinds offer fly Screen mesh service Sydney-wide, so give us a call at 0430 229 507 today!

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