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Installing the Blinds Online

Why use a Blind Online

There may be no absolutely perfect way to deal with summer heat and sunshine coming through the windows, but good window blinds can come quite close. External blinds or awnings are quite good at blocking the sunshine and reducing the heat. Or we might use internal blinds, which are adjustable to allow a fair degree of control.

Internal blinds can be closed to block out sunlight and provide a layer of insulating air between the window glass and the interior room. This keeps interior temperatures more stable -cooler in Summer and a little warmer in winter. And of course, a closed blind allows privacy.

Choosing a Blind Online

Blinds are a good DIY project. If we order a blind online in the correct size we can usually install it in the space of an afternoon.

First, find the blind online that functions in the way you require. Different styles of blinds offer some slightly different options. Venetian blinds will allow privacy while letting light in, though they are a little awkward to clean. Roller blinds are simple and effective but have an ‘open-and-shut’ function. Translucent blinds allow privacy while still letting light through. There is no right answer here, it’s a matter of personal preference. Consider combining blinds with a light curtain for more options.

Second, blinds should look good in the room, complementing the decor. This is another matter of personal preference. But the elements of the room need to fit together if the room is to look appealing. So order the blind online that works for the room, or perhaps change the room decor to suit the blind.

Next, decide if the blinds are to fit inside the window frame, or outside the frame. If the blind is within the window frame it will be not intrusive very much into the room. And it should block most of the light if it is a good fit. A blind mounted outside the frame will block lighter, and allow a small margin for error in size, is designed to overlap the internal edges of the window frame by a small amount. But make sure they do not extend past the external edges of the frame. This type of blind mounted outside the window frame will take up a small amount of space in the room, but this is rarely an issue.

Blind Online

Window blinds are practical, and the right design can complement the room decor. Order a blind online for an inexpensive yet satisfying result.

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