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How Do You Install Window Blinds?

Window Blinds

There is perhaps no perfect way to prevent harsh Sunlight coming through the windows during the Summer months. And this can leave us with too much heat and light in our home. Alternately, we might want some of this warmth and heat in the colder parts of the year. A good way to control the amount of heat and light coming inside is with window blinds, perhaps augmented with some protective filter film.

Window Blind Insulation

An internal blind will leave a layer of air between the window glass and the blind. This provides significant insulation, reducing the heat coming into the room during Summer, and preventing heat loss during Winter.

Blinds will reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning in Summer and Winter, keeping the room temperature stable. And the blind can be retracted if the weather is moderate, allowing light in.

Transparent film on the glass will also reduce heat entering the room during Summer, but film is semi-permanent, and cannot be retraced like a blind.

Window Blind Installation

– Measure the windows. Windows come in different sizes, so the blinds must be custom-made to fit the window space. Some windows do correspond to the standard 1800mm by 1200mm, and there are pre-made blinds for this size, but we must measure to be certain.
– Decide if the blinds should fit within the window frame, just covering the glass, or if they should cover both the frame and glass. A blind within the frame takes a little less space, and will not protrude as much into the room.
– Blinds within the window frame will usually need their brackets mounted 20mm form the front edge of the window frame. They are mounted near the top of the frame.
– Lay out the blind mechanism, and the 2 ends into the brackets.
– The chains to control the blinds should hang down the side of the blind. Make these chains as short as possible, while still letting them fully retract the blind. They should be short so that children cannot reach them. Chains are made to break (perhaps by adding a tension device) so they cannot choke a child who might get caught in them.

Fly Screen Mesh

Fly screen mesh is simple yet effective way to keep insects out while sill allowing air to circulate. Consider these with your blinds is you have an insect problem.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are practical and attractive. Keep light and heat under your control, and add to the room decor with some good quality blinds.

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