Insects and Screens

Fly Screen Sydney

Australia does have something of a good reputation for outdoor living, with fine beaches and beer around the Barbeque. But sometimes we have to accept or compensate for a few inconveniences. In this country the inconveniences include a few issue with insects. Though really, this can be dealt with by some straightforward preparation.

We can keep our home free from insects with some fly screen mesh on windows and quality fly screen doors on the front and back of the house. As well as keeping out the insects these screens have other advantages.

  • Security from potential thieves
  • Allow sunlight and fresh air through the house, without compromising security
  • Keep out diseases carried by a few insects.
  • Reduce air conditioning costs in moderate weather
  • Modern screen doors suit any d├ęcor, complementing the look of your home.
  • Keep children or elderly relatives inside.
  • No need to use insecticide or other chemicals

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Fly Screen Mesh can be retracted or removed when not in use. Retractable flyscreens come in many styles. Pleated screens retract and are neatly stored above the window in their own cassette. Magnetic screens can be removed entirely from the window, rolled up and stored in a cupboard. Some home owners simply hide the fly screen mesh behind window blinds during the colder winter months.

Security Fly Screen Doors

Security doors are a great investment, lasting for decades. They protect the home from intruders or all types.

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