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How Should We Outfit Out Windows?

A modern window will always have glass, which can usually be opened to allow the air in. We can add to this to increase the function of the window.

At different times we might want to:

– Let the light in.
– Block the light out for protection against the Sun and privacy.
– Partially block the light out for privacy
– Open the windows to let the air in
– Open the windows for air, but keep insects out.
– Completely close windows to allow air conditioning to work
– Completely close windows and block light for privacy.
– Block out all light for sleeping, or to use a home theater.

Fly Screen Frame

Fly screens are an old, simple yet effective invention. They prevent insect from entering the home. Modern screens that are permanently attached also provide security, because the mesh is strong enough to keep intruders out, and to keep infants inside.

For fly Screens we might consider:

– Magnetic Fly screen frames that can be removed in winter months.
– Retractable fly screens that can either cover the window, of stay in a carriage above he window
– Sliding fly screens that let half the window be covers. Some of these can provide security mesh to keep intruders out.
– Permanent screens, which usually provide security mesh.

Fly Screens let light and air in while keeping your home safe from insects and criminals.

Fly Screen doors keep insects out even when the main door is open. Security doors with strong mesh will also keep intruders out and infants or the elderly inside.

Window Blinds.

Window blinds can block all light, or allow most of the light in while providing privacy. Some types blinds provide both options.

– Roller blinds are fitted above the window. Close them for privacy, open them for more light.
– Zebra blinds have alternating bands of dark and light material. They allow light in while keeping privacy, or block all light when closed.
– Venetian blinds can be opened or closed for privacy, and to block the light. They are simple to use and very reliable. They also allow air circulation.
– Shutter blinds can be opened and closed for privacy and light blocking. They also provide some security when locked shut.

Fly Screen Frames and Window Blind Online

There is a great blind and screen option for all homes. Check out our range. If you know the size of the window you can order online.

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