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How Do I Improve A Room?

Any room in the home can be improved with some creative imagination and a little effort. The room doesn’t have to have anything fancy, just the right combination of element to look neat, and to by functional. This can just mean the right wall colours, a little trim and some coverings for the windows.

Fly Screen Frame

Fly screens are very practical for keeping out insects. Many years ago they used to be an eyesore, but modern fly screens are more discrete, and some can be removed or retracted when not in use.

If we use curtains of blinds over the window the fly screens are hidden, even as they still work to keep the insects out.

Window Blinds

Window blinds can be attractive as well as practical. In a practical sense they block the light when closed, and allow privacy. In a decorative sense that can suit the colour of the room and improve the decor.

There are many types of Blind. Venetian blinds are horizontal slats that can be tilted for different effects, even letting light in while providing privacy for those inside. Retractable roller blinds simply open and close, so letting light in means being able to see in as well. Yet they are popular, if only because they are available in different colours, and can be decorated with different printed scenes.


Curtains are simple and effective. A translucent curtain lets most of the natural light in allowing privacy. These can combine well with roller blinds, which allow us to block all the light when needed.

Curtains are the easier window covering to cut to size, and easy to modify, usually by just taking up the hem.


The most straightforward way to alter the look of a room is by repainting. As long as the walls have no serious damage we can alter the look of a room with a new colour. The only trick is choosing the right colour for the particular room. Make sure the paint colour works will with floor and the window coverings.


We can use adhesive tiles to add some trim to a room. This is mostly used in kitchens, but it can work in other situations as well.

Adhesive tiles are far easier to install than traditional tiles. There is no grout or cement, the tiles just stick straight to any flat, clean surface.


Even lighting brings out the best in a room. Natural light from the window or skylight is best, and free! But we might also add some electric lights in natural or candlelight colours.

Window Blinds

Redecorate the room with window blinds or curtains, and complement this with repainting and some basic furnishings.

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