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It’s summer again. And people who don’t already have flyscreens often consider installing them around this time. There are many options, including retractable fly screens, fixed screens, pleated screens, and removable screens.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Fly Screen Sydney 

Do they block light?

Not really. Most screens hardly block any light. You will hardly notice any lighting effect from the flyscreens.

An exception to this is solar mesh, which is designed to block UV light. This prevents sunburn and prevents curtains and internal paint from fading.

Adding UV-proof film to windows is a good option for preventing problems with the sun. These will not interfere with the Screens.

Will screens keep out every insect?

A standard screen will keep out medium and larger insects. If you have trouble with very tiny insects, like fruit flies, midges or small ants, then you might consider smaller mesh.

Fly screen mesh will keep insects from entering through windows and doors. But insects, especially crawling insects, might get into the house via other passages.

Are there issues with pets?

Occasionally some pets, especially younger kittens or dogs, will claw at the screens on doors. This will damage old-style mesh. A new steel or aluminium mesh will be far better at resisting these pet issues.

What about cleaning?

Stronger metal meshes and powder-coated frames are easy to clean. Vacuuming is easy. And frames can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Microfiber cloths are good for cleaning window frames and security doors.

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