What Flyscreens Can and Cannot Do

Flyscreen frames are such a simple yet effective idea. The mesh over the window allows light and air in but keeps insects out. But there are many variations that also provide additional benefits. So we should choose the fly screen that suits our situation.

Any Fly Screen Frame will:

  • Keep insects out
  • Let air circulate, so a breeze will help keep things cooler inside
  • Let light inside
  • ¬†Allow a decent view outside
  • ¬†Help the environment because there is little need for pesticides and insect repellants

Some Fly Screen Frames will:

  • Provide security protection against burglars. Look for metal mesh.
  • Be damage resistant towards pets.
  • Be retractable when not in use.
  • Be detachable, to be removed when not in use.
  • Prevent people from falling through a window.

Fly Screen Mesh will not:

  • Block UV light, which causes sunburn and fabrics to fade. But if we are concerned about UV light we can add UV-proof curtains.
  • Block sound. We need to close the windows for that.

Flyscreen doors basically offer the same advantages as any window with a fly screen frame. But if it is a security door will also offer protection against burglars when locked, and prevent infants from wandering outside when required.

We should have solid mesh on security fly screen doors, or at least mesh that withstands pet claws, if there is a pet in the household. We also recommend security doors that triple lock.

A fly screen frame or fly screen doors can keep our household free of insects while allowing light in and air to circulate.

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