Different Types of Fly Screens

Flyscreens go unnoticed most of the time. But in hot summer weather, we know when they are missing, because insects invade the home. We can make our home so much more comfortable with some well-chosen fly screens. We will hardly notice they are there but will appreciate the effect they have on keeping all those small creatures out. Fly Screens mean keeping the windows open for air circulation while also keeping the insect out.

Here are some different types of Fly Screens

Fixed fly screen frames

  • These are the earlier design for fly screens, and they are perfectly effective. The only slight disadvantage is that they stay put all year round.
  • Fixed flyscreens can be built with heavy-duty mesh which provides additional security advantages. The heavy mesh prevents burgers from breaking into the home and can prevent infants or elderly individuals from falling through windows, even when the glass window is left open.

Roller Fly Screens

  • These are light screens that retract into an overhead cartridge, much like a roller blind. So they can be put away out of sight when not needed.

Magnetic Fly Screens

  •  These are screens that attach to metal window frames when needed and are left off the rest of the year. They can easily be rolled up and stored elsewhere.

Pleated Fly Screens

  •  These neatly fold up when not in use, much like a retractable blind.

There are fly screens available for all types of home and office applications. Add insect protection, and perhaps additional security, to your windows. SK Screens & Blinds operate in Sydney so give us a call for your fly screens at 0430 229 507.

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