Fly Screen Mesh

Fly Screen Mesh

Fly Screen Mesh

Screen Mesh is a simple yet highly effective way to keep out insects. It does this while still allowing air to circulate, and (like a glass window) also allows natural sunlight into the room.

Modern Mesh comes in various forms, which confer additional advantages. Strong mesh provides security by keeping intruder out of the home. And provides some safety as infants and the elderly cannot fall through a window covered with strong mesh. A home with mesh on doors and windows stops people getting in or out.

Fly Screen Frame Door

Older fly screen doors were simply there to keep the insects out. These doors were flimsy affairs made of light metal, designed only to keep the screen mesh in place. These type of screen doors have now been superseded by security doors.

Security Doors have a solid, one piece metal frame. This is as difficult to break through as a wall. When these doors are locked, and they usually have a triple lock system, they keep all potential intruders out.

Fly Screen Frame Windows

Many windows do not need high security mesh. So we have a choice of providing security with heavy mesh, or simply security with closed windows.
In Australian conditions we might just need mesh screens during the summer month when insects are an issue. the res of the year we might take the screens away. This is made easy with retractable or removable screens. Modern mesh screens can conveniently retract into an overhead storage cartridge, or be made detachable, being stored elsewhere.

Retractable or magnetic detachable screens can be custom made for any window.

Online Fly Screen Mesh

Screen mesh window covering and Security doors can be custom made for many home and business offices. And they can be designed to complement the decor or any residence. Find the right design and have a safer, pest free, environment.

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