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Fly Screen Doors and Fly Screen Frame Windows.


Fly Screen Frame Windows And Doors

There are any reasons why we might choose put a fly screen frame on our home windows and doors. Most generally we add fly screen mesh to make our homes more comfortable.

There are two general types of screen. The first is insect screens that keep flying vermin out, and which also provide some protection people (such as children) from falling out windows. The second type of screen is the security screen, which in addition to performing all the functions of a conventional screen will also prevent potential thieves from breaking into the house.

Fortunately there is a wide range of styles in both types of screen . They can be purchased or custom made to suit just about any application, including large open areas that would otherwise require a double door.

Features of a Fly Screen Frame

  • Fly screen Frame mesh– These keep flying insects and often crawling insects out of the home. They can be  retractable fly screens or a fixed fly screen frame
  • Security and safety – depending on your home and neighbourhood situation you may choose to have security window screens and security doors installed. These are effective security devices, being very difficult to break through. Any break-in would be both time consuming and obvious.
  • Style – The security door can be part of the look you want for your home. All the better because this is the first impression when people enter your home.
  • Extra Light- security doors and window screen will let the light in while still keeping the house locked. This both gives the house and open feel, and can save on lighting costs.
  • Healthy fresh air. Screen doors and windows let you air out the house, which is healthy and feels better for the inhabitants.
  • Cooling the home. In moderately warm weather you can cool the house by letting the breeze pass though the screen doors and windows. In very hot weather you can close the doors and windows and rely on air conditioning or heaters.
  • Enjoy the view – windows were designed to let light in and let us see outside. Mesh screens hardly affect this. Enjoy the sunshine when the outside weather’s good.
  • With window blinds you can have privacy and still allow the fresh air to come in the fly screen mesh.

Fly Screen Frame Sydney

Find the right fly screen frame, door and blind online. Secure and reliable, there is a style for every décor situation.

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