Fixed or Retractable Screens

Door and windows let natural light and air inside your home. Fly screen doors, window fly screen mesh, and window blinds allow this natural light and air in while keeping insects and potential intruders out. They also allow some privacy for the people inside.

Fixed or Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Because of the privacy and protection, they offer screens are a popular addition to many homes. Yet because there are many styles of flyscreen there is a matter of finding what is best for your home. When deciding, it is always best to have an informed choice.

Fixed Fly Screen Mesh

Fixed screens are directly attached to your door or window, designed to stay there permanently. They can be made from a variety of fine mesh materials, and affixed with screws, rivets, or with a welded frame. Some can be removed with basic DIY skills, but they are basically permanent fixtures.

This type of fixed fly screen is a deterrent to potential intruders as the screen cannot be easily removed. Blinds and window guards provide more protection from intruders.

Retractable Fly Screen Sydney

Retractable fly screens are not fixed in place. Instead, they are designed to either roll up for easy storage or retract into an overhead cassette. This is an advantage in some Australian homes as the flyscreens are only needed for a few months of the year.

Doors will use permanent flyscreens. A popular option here is usually to combine them with a security door that provided excellent protection for your front entrance.

Alternately, doors can use bi-fold screens. This is more popular with balconies and back garden entrances than the front door. And they are often favoured because of the large open entrance space they provide.

If you already have a large open entrance in your home then you can have retractable fly screens made for use during the insect season.

Flyscreens and Blind Online

Fly screen mesh and blinds are worthy investments for your home.

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