Dual Roller Blinds

Window Blinds – Dual

A rather innovative idea, dual roller blinds have proved popular with the variable weather in Australia. They prove quite versatile.

A dual window blind combines two separate roller blinds on the same mounting bracket. Several different combinations of separate blinds are possible, but the most popular (and versatile) combination uses two contrasting materials. One blind material is translucent, allowing outside light in but allowing privacy. The other blind material completely blocks out light, creating total darkness inside the room.

The blind material that blocks all light is useful. The option for total darkness in a room is ideal if there is a home theatre, or if someone wants to sleep during the daylight hours. Total block out is also useful at night time if you want privacy inside. Alternately, the translucent shades allow us to save electrical power and use natural light, while still allowing privacy. Translucent shades with fly screen mesh windows are a great combination in summer.

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Removable and retractable fly screens can be utilized during summer, and then packed away during winter.

Winter months benefit from the use of translucent blinds and closed windows. The natural light from outside is still useable, but the closed windows keep the heat inside. This situation is improved if the windows are double glazed.

The total block-out blind, in addition to blocking light and allowing privacy inside, will also provide some insulation, helping keep the inside rooms warm.

Order a Blind Online

There is always a blind option to suit any décor and to provide the functionality that your home needs. Browse the blinds online and find the style that suits you. Most blinds can be made to order, so they will be the right size for your windows.

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