Doors and Windows in Winter

The cooler winter months are approaching. It helps to have a few tricks and good habits for keeping the house warm in winter. The right approach for keeping the house warm will minimize power bills without compromising our comfort, or damaging the environment.

  • Seal the doors, especially around the edges. We encourage circulation for hotter weather, but it is preferable to keep the warm air inside during the winter by keeping all potential openings sealed. A roll of cloth along the base of the door or a stuffed novelty draft excluder can be a considerable help.
  • Thick curtains on windows will both absorb some warmth from the Sun and provide insulation from the inevitably cold glass windows.
  • Window blinds can work in the way that curtains do, providing insulation from the cold glass windows and absorbing a little bit of heat from the Sun.
  • Close up rooms that are not used and do now waste energy heating them.
  • Have insulation put in the room. This makes the heating system much more efficient because the rising hot air is not lost through the roof. Colder months are an idea for adding insulation.
  • Small heaters in a room will cost far less to run than a central heating system.
  • Operate heaters in open areas away from the furniture.
  • Keep the family in the main dining or lounge room whenever possible, and just heat these rooms.
  • Warm clothes indoors make all the difference. Use heaters to keep the air at a comfortable breathing temperature, but no higher.

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Insects are rarely a problem in Sydney during the cooler months. Fly screens mesh on windows can be retracted for the season, and brought out for next summer.

Blinds Online

If you don’t already have blinds then consider the online options. If you have accurate measurements of the window you can order blinds online. These will add to the insulation that a house needs in winter.

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