Deter Insects with Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Using fly screen mesh on your windows is a reliable way to keep all insects and spiders out. This provides a physical barrier against their entry, something far superior to chemical sprays. Unlike some chemical sprays, a fly screen frame and mesh will never harm the environment.

Because Sydney’s weather varies throughout the year, and because insects vary with the season, there is no need to have flyscreens all year round. Retractable flyscreens can be used in summer and stored away above the window when not in use. Windows operate without being affected by the retractable fly screen.

Insects can also be deterred with some plants and natural substances. Peppermint and vinegar seem to repel at least come spiders. Eucalyptus oil seems to repel some flying insects. Basil plants will deter some insects, as will lemongrass Try growing these plants near your window.

The great advantage of these retractable fly screens devices is experienced during the summer months – the door allows the air to circulate while still keeping insects outside. When locked they also keep homes safe from break-and-enter problems.

Some houses install both an insect screen frame and blinds on each window. These can be used independently without interfering with each other. Window blinds are great for allowing the right amount of light or privacy. Flyscreens are there to prevent insect problems.

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