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Cleaning Fly Screen Doors

Modern aluminium door frames, whether painted or not, are usually quite easy to keep clean. Unlike timber or painted plaster aluminium will not soak up grease or oil, so most stains will simply wipe away. But these can occasionally be problems with sticky substances or corrosive liquids.

Microfiber cloths.

These are relatively modern inventions. The fibres of these cloths are extremely fine, less than one denier thin, so they clean at a nearly microscopic level. This means they can remove most bacteria as well as remove surface grease.

An aluminium door can be cleaned quickly and effectively with a microfiber cloth. We recommend periodically cleaning and decontaminating the cloth.


This is a citrus-based cleaner available at hardware stores. It is quite safe to use but manages to be very effective for removing sticky substances from almost all surfaces, without causing any damage. It is good for surfaces that are exposed to a lot of fingers and handprints.

Turpentine and Acetone

These are very strong solvents used for paint and nail varnish. They will remove stubborn stains from many surfaces but they tend to remove paint and other finishes as well. Use these only as a last resort. Avoid contact with skin or inhaling the vapours.


This is another strong solvent. It is useful for removing chewing gum, but it is rather harsh and may damage paint or other surface finishes.

Security doors and Retractable fly Screens Sydney

Modern security doors and fly screen frames are easy to maintain and will require less cleaning time than any other surface in the house. They are a sound investment for any home.

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