Cleaning for Fly Screens

Of course, it is better to live in a neat and clean home environment. In order to keep things clean, we must look after the flyscreens and security doors.

Screens can accumulate a lot of dirt, because of the tiny holes that are part of the mesh design. This will not affect their function too much, but it can look untidy.

It doesn’t take too much effort to keep the screens clean.

  1. If the flyscreens can be removed from the window or door this makes cleaning easier. You can lay them down on an old sheet and vacuum them. This gets rid of all the loose dirt. Use a light suction setting to avoid pulling on the flyscreen mesh.
  2. After vacuuming, give the screens a wash with a microfiber cloth and some cleaning fluid. Diluted detergent is usually fine for this purpose. Do not put too much pressure on the screen mesh.
  3. Before the detergent has dried give the screens a wash with a hose.
  4. Roughly dry the mesh with an old towel or other cloth, and then let them air dry.
  5. Reinstall the screen mesh in the window.

If screens cannot be removed from the window or doorframe they can still be vacuumed, hand-washed with detergent, and then washed down with the glass windows/doors closed. The only issue is making sure that the water does not get into the house.

Regular cleaning makes the cleaning process easier.

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